About Cycling Helmets

The benefits of cycling are many and with increasing numbers of people choosing to cycle to work it is important to have the right equipment to keep you safe and comfortable. With more and more companies now including cycling helmets in their range this article will focus on the importance of good fitting cycling helmets and how to get the best helmet for yourself.

As you choose a helmet you will have to consider a few things, weight, size and fit. This is an important step to take as cycling helmets are designed to be worn on the head and you will certainly not feel right if you choose one that is too large or too small. Of course, the choice is yours but keep it to those who cycle daily and plan to keep the helmet on for long periods of time. It is not unusual for the outer shell to wear off and make you look like a helmet from a different era if you go over 3 weeks, so be sure to choose the right size for your head.

Many people have chosen helmets made from polycarbonate plastic. Polycarbonate helmets are lightweight and come with removable foam inserts. Also, they are very durable but because of their small size and shape can compress when placed on your head, so if you plan to use them a lot, store your helmet where it’s safe. Polycarbonate helmets come with a black, silver or gold paint layer and you can also personalize them to match your bike.

As we discussed above about the size and the shape a helmet needs to be placed perfectly on your head, so be sure to choose a helmet with a snug fit and that offers comfort, this is very important for regular cycling as you will be wearing a helmet to exercise and be active. They will sweat and be very uncomfortable if you don’t choose one that is fitted. Most will have some vents and give more space for the helmet to breathe so your helmet can breath.

The weight is not the most important part of a helmet in terms of protection but how well it can keep you safe when needed. They will be lighter but if you’re on a rough road or going over rough terrain on your bicycle with the helmet your head, not the protection, will be the first thing to be impacted or broken, be sure it is the one you want and fit for your head!

It is not only about a lightweight helmet to protect you but how well it fits and can accommodate your head size, just make sure it will not slip around in one piece during extreme sport you may do, or go for long travel.