This website is about this amazing place we call Taupō and the businesses and people that make this central part of New Zealand so special.

If you have been to Taupō recently you will have noticed the place is moving along at an incredible rate. There is a new 4 million dollar path that now stretches from the Town Center all the way round to Rainbow point. This was built looking forward to the International Ironman championships so it is extra wide and hugs the shoreline for some of the most beautiful scenery you will see in New Zealand…if not the world.


“The upgrade will provide significant long-term benefits for the community, our visitors, our lakefront environment and our economy. “

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In addition to these the Town itself is also being upgraded and beautified at an incredible rate. The AC Baths reception and private pools are getting and upgrade, Huka Falls Road path extension is being worked on. There will be a new Taupō District Council building and the already incredible center of Taupō will be going thru even more transformations to ensure it one of the most relaxing, and pleasant shopping centers in the whole of New Zealand.

It really is hard to describe into words just how much energy there is in this part of the world and how within minutes all the stresses of the big city can fall away.

This site was built to go at least some way to pointing out some of the incredible businesses that call Taupō home. If you need a break and you really want to go to a destination that always delivers then Taupō is for you. Also within this site you will find any number of Accommodation providers that will cater to whatever you are looking for. And while you are at it, check out the ‘Events’ section. I like many was simply amazes at tall the events that go on in our idyllic and centrally located oasis.

If you are after rest and relaxation, or something to get the blood going then Taupō has something for you. You will find the latest amenities, incredible businesses with amazing service and all number of activities to keep you and your family busy – whether that be man made or naturally created in the beautiful wonderland we call Taupō.

Please feel free to pursue the site and hopefully we will see you soon.


The Taupō Business Directory Team