Gluten-Free Diet for health and weight loss

If you are trying to lose weight and get healthier, you probably already knew the answer to this question. Gluten is responsible for the wheat or wheat protein, which is the culprit behind the common autoimmune disease known as wheat allergy. As it is a protein, it can be absorbed in the small intestine and it creates antibodies when it cross-reacts with the immune system.

According to an article published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings, an allergy to wheat can be prevented if you eliminate this protein in your diet. The article also mentions that you should eliminate it from the diet if you are pregnant or you breastfeed and if you are trying to become pregnant. This is because gluten will cross-react with your body’s defence systems and produce antibodies against the unborn child.

You can do this by substituting gluten-rich foods with foods that do not contain wheat proteins. In addition to that, you should learn to make your own gluten-free foods by eliminating the wheat proteins from your diet.

For gluten-free cooking, you need to learn how to prepare foods without gluten. According to research published in “Food Chemistry” journal, you should choose gluten-free foods by doing the following:

1. Preparing foods without gluten should be done when:

  • At least four hours before the preparation, you should wash your hands using soap and water and avoid other allergens as well
  • At least four hours before the preparation, you should cool the food and should avoid high temperature
  • You should store the food in the refrigerator
  • The preparation of the food should be covered with plastic wrap
  • The preparation of the food should be transferred to plastic wrap
  • The food should be transferred to a container that prevents the growth of bacteria

2. When you are cooking, you should reduce the amount of gluten ingredients in the foods by:

  • Using non-gluten ingredients
  • Using non-gluten seasonings and flavours
  • Using non-gluten sauces
  • Using non-gluten noodles, pasta or bread